Marketing Strategy

Utilize our marketing strategy services firm to develop a powerful, profitable marketing strategy then construct and execute a results-driven strategic marketing plan to grow sales.

Practical, Profitable Marketing in Five Steps

The best marketing strategy and strategic marketing plan is built based on an intimate understanding of how and why your customers and prospects make decisions. It will enable your business to win new customers, increase the buying frequency of existing customers, and deepen customer loyalty over the long term.

All marketing strategy services should have a starting and endpoint so that results can be tracked, managed and measured. The five steps in our strategic marketing plan approach include:

Market Research

Our marketing strategy firm conducts market research to dissect each step of the decision journey to develop a powerful, profitable strategic marketing plan.

Your brand is built, or tarnished, through every aspect of the customer experience delivered by your business. In other words, the attributes of your brand are defined by customer perception. If you desire to position yourself as the low cost leader, yet customers perceive you to be expensive, you have a serious positioning problem and an urgent need for a skilled firm to deliver marketing strategy services.

That’s because either you don't understand the frame of reference that your customers use, you aren't correctly communicating how your product or service is the lowest cost, your competitor research failed to account for competitive alternatives against which your customers compare your product or service, or you are targeting the wrong type of customers (those that don't perceive the value in your offer). Your marketing planning needs to be adjusted based on which of these factors are relevant to your situation. To differentiate from competitors, you must first understand customer perceptions and the decision journey. This begins with market research.

Simple Business Solutions can help. We deliver industry-leading marketing strategy services that are clear, concise and that define a pathway going forward that will allow for real-time evaluation, adjustment, management and adherence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Marketing Strategy

Simple Marketing Strategy focuses on four interdependent components: Brand Building; Customer Acquisition; Customer Loyalty; and Referral Source Cultivation.

Marketing Strategy:Reasons to Do It:
Brand BuildingBe familiar to prospects, customers, and referral sources -- people choose the familiar over the unfamiliar
Customer AcquisitionAttract new customers (replace lost customers and expand your base)
Target new types of customers
Customer Loyalty DevelopmentIncrease customer retention
Increase purchase frequency
Increase average revenue per sale
Create fiercely loyal advocates
Amplify positive word of mouth
Referral Source CultivationAcquire new customers
Generate positive word of mouth from trusted, influential sources

Marketing Plan

Marketing tactics should be selected and applied for each component of the marketing strategy. It is important to recognize that your target audience and message will be different within each marketing strategy component. Your message, call to action, or offer must be tailored for the unique mindset of customers at each stage of the decision journey. Your marketing efforts become truly powerful when you synergize interdependent marketing tactics so that they build upon each other to achieve a sustained increase in sales.

Our marketing strategy consulting firm delivers a marketing plan that provides you with a detailed breakdown of activities and a monthly budget.


Outsource marketing plan execution to experts as much as possible. Insource only what you can execute flawlessly and consistently. When you outsource advertising and marketing services to a marketing strategy firm like Simple Business Solutions, it allows you to manage results and outcomes rather than daily task lists.

Performance Optimization

Marketing should be viewed as an investment. Like any investment, you should measure results and optimize performance. If a marketing tactic proves wildly successful in growing revenue, it may be prudent to increase your investment in that tactic. Similarly, if a marketing tactic is not performing well, Simple Business Solutions helps you identify the root cause, then determine whether it can be adjusted to improve its performance, or determine whether the tactic should be removed from the marketing plan.

Prior to executing any marketing plans, Simple works with you to determine how each component of the marketing plan will be tracked and measured. Now that's results-driven marketing.

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