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Give New Physicians a Fast Start

Your medical group just invested a bunch of money to recruit new physicians and you need an ROI as soon as possible. Because you need to build those patient panels NOW, our medical group marketing services are designed to accelerate your time to market. We’ll put your new doctors, surgeons, and specialists in front of potential patients and referring physicians fast. Work with our full-service medical marketing agency to generate patients and referrals for your new providers quickly.

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Turn Star Physicians into Rock Stars

Your medical group has providers with the access, aptitude, and attitude to be even more productive. These physicians, surgeons, specialists, and advanced practice providers are your stars, and an important key to achieving your growth goals. Our medical group marketing company helps your stars become top-of-mind with referring providers and preferred and requested by patients. When we apply our relentlessly perfected healthcare marketing techniques, you win market share from competitors.

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Get Underperforming Physicians Busy

Does your medical group have underperforming providers? They are the ones who have been uncooperative with your previous marketing efforts, yet constantly complain to physician leadership that they are dissatisfied and unproductive due to a lack of marketing. They can be a drag on morale and on the medical group’s financials. You need these doctors to be more productive. Improve physician satisfaction and retention by using our medical marketing strategies to fill their clinic and surgery schedules.

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"I first used Simple Business Solutions to introduce new primary care physicians to the community. The success of those campaigns led to running patient acquisition and referral campaigns for specialty physicians. As a result, we grew patient panels and increased OR block time utilization, exceeding our goals significantly. An unexpected benefit was improved physician engagement and satisfaction. In fact, our doctors began to specifically request Simple Business Solutions physician marketing campaigns for themselves and their departments. Meticulous tracking and reporting enabled me to prove the return on our investment to executive leaders and stakeholders while taking the very time-consuming task of campaign reporting off my plate. Simple Business Solutions is easy to work with, reliable, and consciously efficient with your time and budget. Take some time to talk with them. You’ll be glad you did.”

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Dignity Health Medical Foundation

What We Do For Medical Groups

Simple Business Solutions has relentlessly perfected the effectiveness of our medical marketing strategies for medical groups, medical practices, health systems, and Independent Physician Associations. By applying psychological principles, market research, and creativity we deliver superior outcomes. We’ll help you achieve your growth goals.

Get More Patients for Your Medical Group

Choosing a doctor is difficult. Patients have many boxes to check: “Is my insurance accepted?”, “Is the medical group near my home or work?”, “Are they accepting new patients?”, and most importantly, “Which provider should I choose?”. We’ve solved the mystery of how to establish a bond between potential patients and your physicians, before that choice is made. And when you work with our medical group marketing firm, that knowledge will be applied to fill your medical group’s schedule with patients.

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Get More Referrals for Your Specialists

Providers want to feel confident in the abilities of the specialists and surgeons they refer patients to. They also want to be comfortable with the experience their patients will have with those referred providers. Our proven approach builds trust with referring doctors by demonstrating your physicians’ competency and collegiality. Plus, our sophisticated healthcare marketing techniques and technology will precisely (and profitably) target the physicians who should be referring patients to the doctors in your medical group.

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Increase Physician Retention & Satisfaction

Every time a physician leaves, it costs a medical group $260,273. We help you reduce churn by increasing physician satisfaction. When your providers are productive, feel supported in delivering patient care, and earn the income they expect, they stay. Our comprehensive healthcare marketing strategies keep your doctors, surgeons, specialists, and advanced practice providers aligned with your medical group.

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From 1.5 Days to 8 Weeks

A gynecologic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive procedures was under 50% productivity, with 1.5 days Clinic Access and 2 days Operating Room Access. She was dissatisfied and deemed at risk to leave the medical group.

We built an integrated marketing campaign targeting potential patients and referring physicians.

As a result of the campaign, the surgeon’s productivity increased to 8 weeks Clinic Access and 8 weeks Operating Room Access, which led to a significant increase in the surgeon’s satisfaction.

BEFORE CAMPAIGN 1.5 days access AFTER CAMPAIGN 8 weeks access

Medical Group Marketing Services

Drive growth with medical group marketing services from Simple Business Solutions.

  • Patient Acquisition
    We help you identify your target audiences, payor mix, and value proposition, then employ the most effective channels to deliver your message.
  • Physician Recruitment
    We help you identify and attract new physicians to join your medical group.
  • Brand Development
    Successful meidcal group branding or rebranding begins with an intimate understanding of what your target audience values relative to competitive alternatives. Equipped with that knowledge we apply compelling creative and effective marketing to increase awareness, familiarity, and preference for your brand.
  • Brand & Market Research
    We help you baseline and measure your medical group brand relative to competitors. Brand and market research gives provides insight to make strategic decisions that power sustainable growth for your medical group.
  • Patient Retention
    We help you and your providers build and strengthen relationships with patients who have established care. We’ll optimize each touchpoint to ensure a superb patient experience.
  • Patient Referral Development
    We help you build awareness and cultivate relationships with physicians and APPs using compelling creative and sophisticated tactics and technology to generate more patient referrals to your specialists and surgeons.
  • Physician Retention
    We help you define and support strategic communication plans to keep your physicians feeling connected to your medical group and its leadership.
  • Marketing Strategy
    Informed by research, we'll dissect the decision journey and develop a powerful medical group marketing strategy to gain new patients, generate more physician referrals and deepen loyalty over the long term.
33 New Patients IN 90 DAYS
Offense is the best defense

An orthopedic spine surgeon was facing aggressive competition from an out-of-town spine surgeon. The competitor had a confusingly similar name and was heavily advertising in the medical group’s service area.

We created a 90-day campaign that articulated the doctor’s impressive training and prowess as a spine surgeon, while reinforcing the compelling benefits of having a spine procedure near home.

The campaign generated 33 new patients for the medical group’s spine surgeon while successfully fending off the competitive threat.

Grow your medical group

Engage our full-service medical group marketing agency to gain more patients, improve provider productivity, and increase physician retention.

Work With Us And Grow
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