Achieve your growth goals with our orthopedic marketing services.

We'll help you win market share from competitors because our physician marketing plans are turnkey and designed to generate new referrals and patients fast.

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Turnkey Orthopedic Marketing Campaigns

We deliver omnichannel physician marketing campaigns that enable orthopedic practices to meet their growth goals by rapidly generating new referrals and patients for their doctors.

Medical marketing professionals rely on Simple Business Solutions to provide effective orthopedic practice marketing by way of patient acquisition, retention, and physician referral marketing for orthopedic surgeons and doctors in these specialties:

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Sports Medicine
  • Joint Repair
  • Spine Surgery
  • Joint Replacement
  • Hand Surgery

"We chose Simple Business Solutions for patient acquisition and physician referral campaigns for our orthopedic surgeons and other specialty physicians. As a result we significantly exceeded our goals for patient panel growth and OR block time utilization. In fact, our doctors in other specialties saw the results and began to specifically request Simple Business Solutions physician marketing campaigns.”

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Effective Orthopedic Marketing for Surgeons

Our proven methodology for orthopedic marketing services results in more patients and referrals for practices. We apply four principles to our orthopedic marketing services that lead to our highly successful results. These include psychological principles, market research, creativity, and technology to deliver superior outcomes. Here are ways we can help your orthopedic surgery practice achieve its growth goals:

Orthopedic Marketing For New Surgeons

Promote your new orthopedic surgeons quickly with our new physician marketing services. These precisely targeted orthopedic marketing campaigns are backed by pinpoint research and strengthened by the latest marketing technology, so you’ll begin generating new referrals and patients fast.

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Orthopedic Surgeon Referral Marketing

Gain more patient referrals for your orthopedic specialists with our physician referral marketing services. Our strategies for marketing to doctors for referrals raise the level of your practice’s awareness and cultivate beneficial relationships with those providers most likely to refer the types of patients your practice needs and desires.

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Patient Acquisition Marketing

Capture additional market share and improve your payor mix with our patient acquisition orthopedic marketing services. Our proprietary process distills what makes each surgeon unique and then delivers compelling creative to the right patients using the most productive marketing vehicles in moments that matter.

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Patient Retention Marketing

Our orthopedic marketing services include patient retention strategies that enable your surgeons to establish and enhance relationships with their patients. We’ll help you optimize each touchpoint to create and boost loyalty, to enhance your clinic’s reputation, and build an even stronger reputation for your practice.

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Medical marketing leaders use our physician and orthopedic marketing services to:

  • Reduce patient outmigration to out-of-area joint replacement centers
  • Introduce new orthopedic surgeons to the community
  • Promote doctors who join the group from private practice or a competitor
  • Announce providers who are practicing at new or additional locations
  • Build awareness of specialties offered by your orthopedic practice
  • Fill your orthopedists’ schedule with patients
  • Create and sustain a healthy backlog for surgeons and specialists
  • Establish and bolster a positive reputation

Overcoming Outmigration

An orthopedic spine surgeon was facing aggressive competition from an out-of-town spine surgeon. The competitor had a confusingly similar name and was advertising heavily in the surgeon’s service area..

The medical group selected a patient acquisition campaign to communicate the surgeon’s impressive training and experience, while emphasizing the attractive benefits of having a spine procedure performed locally.

The campaign resulted in 33 new patients and successfully overcame the competitive threat.

33 New Patients IN 90 DAYS

Why Work With Us

Here are ten reasons why you should work with Simple Business Solutions:

  • We employ sophisticated analytics and the latest marketing technology to reach the right audiences quickly and with the most effective messaging.
  • Our approach puts your providers in front of potential patients and referring physicians at scale without consuming valuable clinic time.
  • Our orthopedic marketing services provide a lift in positive sentiment, word-of-mouth, and brand perception when our campaigns stimulate engagement from past and current patients.
  • Our turnkey orthopedic marketing campaigns quickly and efficiently raise the level of productivity of your surgeons, staff, and marketing team.
  • Our scalable process enables you to quickly address the marketing needs of multiple surgeons and specialists.
  • We make it easy for you to engage and inform stakeholders by equipping you with a simple process and effective communication tools.
  • We provide visibility into campaign progress on a real-time, 24/7 basis and access to campaign performance reports through our secure online portal.
  • Your account manager will not only oversee your orthopedic marketing campaign diligently, but he or she will also serve as your single point of contact for all your account questions.
  • We will quickly activate additional orthopedic marketing campaigns for surgeons by using the evergreen assets we produced for those specialists.
  • We deliver efficient, effective omnichannel marketing for all members of a care team.
14 New Patients IN 28 DAYS

Immediate Boost

An orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hip, knee, and shoulder procedures had the desire and ability to help even more patients.

The medical group engaged Simple Business Solutions to fill the doctor’s schedule. Our patient acquisition and physician referral marketing campaigns resulted in 14 new patients in just 28 days.

Achieve your growth goals with our orthopedic marketing services.

Get more patients and referrals through effective physician marketing. Proven patient acquisition, retention, and physician referral marketing for orthopedic surgeons.

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