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Marketing Trends for Urgent Care in 2021

By: Tim Rayl, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

According to Business Insider, more than 8,000 urgent care clinics operate in the United States. Nearly 30 percent of all primary visits across the country are to urgent care providers, which equates to almost 90 million visits per year. According to the CDC, 26 percent of children made at least one visit to an urgent care or retail clinic during 2019. The reasons for the popularity in urgent care clinics are obvious, as they offer faster and generally more affordable care solutions than a traditional doctor’s office appointment or a trip to an emergency department. That also means that, given the growth of this aspect of the medical industry, the need for sound urgent care marketing ideas is also increasingly important. 

Simple Business Solutions offers urgent care marketing ideas to clients with clear, manageable steps and measurable results in real time. Below you’ll find a few examples of marketing ideas that you should consider as you work towards growing your organization successfully.

Multi-Channel Patient Outreach

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer behavior and the ways in which we procure and deliver healthcare. That means that moving forward, marketing for urgent care needs to include multi-channel efforts to reach people who are at home more than they have been in recent years. Engaging those audiences with compelling creative (whether it be audio, video, text, or augmented reality) using multiple channels that influence them is critical to building your brand and driving patient visits, whether in person or virtual. If you find it difficult to identify the most influential channels, or to produce creative that resonates with your target audience, we can help.

Transform Your Patient Experience

Convene a cross-functional team within your organization to map the entire patient experience with your urgent care. Identify and evaluate the patient experience in each touchpoint. Brainstorm options for how to improve the experience at each touchpoint, then develop an action plan for implementation. And don't forget...A good implementation plan always contains MTMs, so you can assess the impact of your actions on the patient experience.

Measure Your Progress

The past year has taught us that things that we never saw changing can change – and radically – with no forewarning. As such, marketing for urgent care should include inherent management steps designed to measure your progress on a real-time basis. Doing so will allow you to identify trends, potential problem areas and opportunities to pursue. Simply conducting annual or quarterly reviews is too long of a timeframe between analyses.

How Simple Business Solutions Can Help

If you have urgent care marketing ideas but you’re not clear on how you should implement them, you need to speak to a team of professionals who understand what it takes to manage successful medical practice growth in every aspect. Contact Simple Business Solutions today to schedule a discussion regarding your goals and aspirations. 

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